Projects Platform for Belt and Road

Connecting technology, innovation and capital

Projects Platform

eSilkroad incubates and invests in projects that leverage innovative digital technology to enhance the finance and commerce ecosystem for Belt and Road. We partner with local government, business associations and sector leading corporations in these projects.

eSILKtrade B2B2C Cross Border eCommerce Platform

eSILKtrade is a B2B2C ecommerce platform enabling China inbound and outbound cross border ecommerce businesses, with integration with suppliers, buyers, logistic providers, customs and payment gateway

eSILKexpo Virtual Exhibition and Display Platform

eSILKexpo is a virtual exhibition, trade fair and museum platform enabling boundary-less and environmental-friendly product display, business matching and B2B trading activities

Prime of Prime (POP) FOREX Brokerage and Hedging Platform

POP is a ECN (Electronic Communication Network) trading platform with leading trading settlement, clearing, hedging and order auto-matching technologies

ESILKNET B-2-B social network

ESILKNET is a B-2-B social network with a wide functionality. ESILKNET will allow its users to solve all the key issues of international business activity in one single place online:

  • search for and communicate with business partners in Silk Road countries,
  • search for and post sale/buy trade propositions and investment projects,
  • place advertisements for services or products,
  • promote and be informed about international business and cultural events.